HEKTOMERON DAY - June 21st - probably the longest theatre performance in history gestalt
21 JUNI 2021

HEKTOMERON DAY - June 21st - probably the longest theatre performance in history

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The HEKTOMERON project is “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre’s international initiative that brings together 100 theatre directors from 100 different countries, creating the most complex and diverse platform of theatre artists in history. This project benefits from the high patronage of the worldwide UNESCO-ITI organisation.

On June 21st, the “HEKTOMERON DAY”, a LIVE theatre marathon of 25 hours will bring together the 100 episodes that have been created by 100 directors from 100 different countries. This unique performance will not only be played on the stage of the “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre, but it will also be LIVE streamed from our website, becoming available all over the globe.

Inspired by the famous Decameron, Giovanni Boccaccio’s collection of novellas written over 650 years ago, the project has staged the book’s 100 short stories, which reflect today’s state of the world, in which isolation, fear and death are present just as they were at the time Decameron was written in the immediate aftermath of the Black Death that struck Florence in 1348.

During the first phase of the Hektomeron project, the actors of the “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre have worked with the selected 100 directors, each of whom had to reproduce, in his or her own original manner, one story from the Decameron. The 100 episodes have been streamed daily from our official website: www.hektomeron.com  between 15th of January and 24th of April and they will now be united on June 21st, on the occasion of HEKTOMERON DAY.

In conclusion, the project’s main aim is to send a universal message of hope during these pandemic times. Corroborating the efforts of more than 400 artists from 100 different countries, the idea that unity lies untouched even in the most difficult of times, through culture, is being reinforced.