The Directress Ioana Păun Invited to MuseumsQuartier in Vienna drama
10 - 30 MAI - JUN 2021

The Directress Ioana Păun Invited to MuseumsQuartier in Vienna


The directress Ioana Păun is present for an artistic residence at MuseumsQuartier in May - June 2021, which she will dedicate to a combination of artistic research and performance. Ioana explores the behaviours that relate to the guilt of the privileged, which refers to those who feel the social injustice, even tough they are indirect beneficiaries of this. During the residency, she will offer a series of performative experiences, built around the most recent loses of privileges and contradictory emotions lived in relation to the loss of power. The project starts from a personal experience: at the age of 15 she had the occasion of living the sentiment of pity of the Westerners on her own when, while on a trip to Sweden, she and her colleagues were buried under a pile of worn clothes and invited to choose what they liked. Later on the artist experienced herself the shame of the privilege in different contexts and power relations. She remained with an unsatisfied curiosity: is shame a form of submitting power? Starting from lived experiences and going through an analyses process of the power overturns, Ioana will construct an artistic dialogue with the public in Vienna.

Ioana Păun is a directress and performance artist who works and researches internationally. Her projects were sustained by important international institutions, such as: Le phénix scène nationale, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Theatre les Tanneurs, MNAC, Teatro Luna Chicago, Live Art Development Agency UK, Schauspielhaus Viena, Hungarian Theater in Cluj, Europalia, Live Art Development Agency. Educated at UNATC Bucharest and Goldsmiths London, Ioana has led the Programme of Performative Arts at the National Museum of Contemporary arts in Bucharest, one of the first of this kind in Romania. In 2021 she will lead a research project in the artistic and social media domains in collaboration with the Universities Stanford, Bard and Pace in the USA. Her work explores human behaviours in situations of political, economic and helath survival.

Ioana Păun’s residency is supported by Q21, Erste Stiftung, and the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna.

More details about the project and the artist are to be found here:

Ioana Păun photography: Răzvan Leucea